Thursday, 5 September 2013

New Beginnings

So the summer is over, an idyllic month in Borneo completed, and, like this little turtle, I am about to set out on a new phase of my life. Let's just hope that a/ this turtle is the 1 in a 1000 that makes it to adulthood and b/ I succeed in my new plans. Although, I have to say that my odds are sadly probably a bit better than his.

And here I am, back writing on my blog - which no-one reads, apart from my family. Hi guys, hope to see you all soon.

Well, onwards and upwards in my learning and life's progression. I'm applying to do a Professional Writing MA, starting in January and am returning to the world that I know well and love: that of copywriting and brand development ( Hopefully those will keep me busy - along with doing up a new house, planning a wedding (sometime, somewhere) and maybe getting a puppy - if the four of us can decide on what kind. Maybe a cross breed would be best.

This blog, along with this delightful chapter in my life, I will close now. I truly loved my year of art - and felt so privileged to be given the opportunity. Most of all I loved doing it with Annie - again something I feel so blessed with. I'm very proud of my final project (finally I produced something of real artistic merit) but can finally say, with absolute conviction, that I am not an artist. Unless the written word counts as the same.

See you back in the real world.


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